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Triangle Medians Help

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Home > Construct with GeoGebra -> Advanced Constructions -> Triangle Medians -> HELP

This is HELP for the Exploring InterActivity on Triangle Medians construction.

1)  Step 1: Understand the problem

Goal:  Construct a triangle given its three medians tatb and tc. Base your construction on the definition of the median and the fact that the three medians of a triangle meet at a single point T and T is 2/3 of the way along each of the medians. (T is called the centroid.)


From the definition of “median”, it follows that one endpoint of a median is a vertex of the triangle and the other is the midpoint of the opposite side.



Under construction - Here is a  pdf of the cooresponding paper.


Home > Construct with GeoGebra -> Advanced Constructions ->  Triangle Medians -> HELP 

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