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NL 2010 05 22

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May 22 2010


NEW: GeoGebra Challenge:  Create this dynamic rectangle    == Math: 6th grade & up  == GeoGebra: 1 (Beginner)

A 45 second YouTube video challenges the viewer to create the construction. (Credits: LFS and DN)

                Long Version   Goggle Survey  - What do you think of GeoGebra Challenge?


GeoGebra Tip :  Tracing Tips  

             Can’t find your tracing point? – Easy tip to have both trace and point.  == GeoGebra: 1-2 (Beginner) 

             Want to be able to turn off trace with a checkbox? – Advanced tip  (credit Rafael Losada)    == GeoGebra: 5 (Advanced)


GeoGebra Tip :  Zoom, Pan and Rescale Tips 

            Zoom, pan and rescale on the fly – Easy useful tips  == GeoGebra: 1 (Beginner)


1. Spinning Wheel and the Bicyclist   == Math: 8th grade & up  == GeoGebra: 2-3 (Beginner Plus)

Make this spinning wheel

Watch the spinoff

Mathematical Art and Fun

     YouTube Video   (GeoGebra Simulator)  Webpage  (with complete printable directions)


2. Circles and Squares - == Math: 8th grade & up  == GeoGebra: 2

      YouTube Video   (GeoGebra Explorer) 


GeoGebra-NA2010 YouTube Videos: Teacher Workshops  e-Learning Module B  eLearning Module A Using GeoGebra in Class




Happy teaching with GeoGebra, Linda


Send me your tips and tricks!



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