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DIY Simulator of Car Race 1 Plus

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 A Build your own Simulator Kit for Students - Everything Included!  (links are at page bottom)

A 3-in-1 Build-upon Kit:   1 Car Simulator,    1 Car Simulator with Variable Starting Point   and   2 Car Simulator

InterActivity: 1 Car Simulator Plus Variable Start Position

Scenario with 1 car plus variable start position: … Today Rila is 10 miles outside of AbsolutelyNowhere when she remembers to reset the stopwatch. Her cruise control is set at 16 mph. What time does the display show one and a half hours later? What time does it show at her arrival in BeyondBoring? What numbers are on the printout?.

Click on the play button (bottom left) to start the car going or click & drag the slider point tm.

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Car Race Simulators (ALL 3-in-1)

View Directions: Student / Educator

8-page printable illustrated step-by-step directions for students pdf and

5-page printable illustrated educator pages with answers pdf or

13-page Word document with all: doc

(everything opens in new windows)
Download Zip

Zip includes everything: directions, images, good questions with answers and completed simulators. Requires freeware GeoGebra and sunJava player.

Global Simulation of a Car/Cars Driving
Brief InterActivity-Build your own Simulator of a Car/Cars
Grade 7th and up
Strand Algebra and Functions
Standard CA7AF-4-2, ACT EE24-27, ACT GR28-32
Keywords DST, distance, speed, time, car, linear, slope, simulation, geogebra, dynamic, freeware, applet, offline, online
Credits Robert Fant and Dani Novak, who encourage me endlessly about my simulators
Download Download zip
Author LFS - contact
Type Freeware - Available for Offline Use - Translatable (html)
Use Requires sunJava player

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Home > Do Mathematics -> K-7 Algebra and Functions > Linear Functions -> DIY Car Race 1 Plus

algebra, distance, speed, time, DST, linear functions, simulator geogebra, application, geometry, program


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