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NL 2010 01 21

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March 24 2010 - Strandbeest


Subject:  Theo Jansen's Strandbeest in GeoGebra by JesusF - Step-by-Step DIY

All Resources for this now located at: Strandbeest


Hiya All,

SusanJ brought this to my attention. It is an absolutely fabulous construction in GeoGebra  by JesusF of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest (think: star war’s walker).


I dissected it and made step-by-step directions, which SusanJ and Dani Novak generously tested.

Unfortunately I have run out of time, so he remains headless, but I still think you will find it great fun and extremely interesting.


Starter webpage: http://geogebrawiki.pbworks.com/Strandbeest   (Play the 20 sec YouTube you will get lots of links to Theo Jansen …)


I have made a complete set of youtube videos for building the first leg (the other legs are completely analogous and there are printable directions and starter files for all four legs).



Finally – for some more fun, I have made the (headless) beest “walk” in 2 different ways:  http://geogebrawiki.pbworks.com/Strandbeest+-+Thinking

As you will see, it still needs a head and music and lots of other things. Feel free to contribute. Also, if you find any errors, bad links or have any suggestions, please write me.


Happy teaching with GeoGebra, Linda


Send me your tips and tricks!

Home -> Newsy Letters ->2010 January 21


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