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NL 2010 02 13

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February 13 2010 - Special Edition -  Problem with Undo/Redo on File->Export->Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage 


Hiya my friends and colleagues in GeoGebra. This problem came up at the seminar. Newsletter coming soon.  My best to all of you, Linda


The latest public release of GeoGebra is 

The means if you use GeoGebra WebStart or if you have downloaded GeoGebra after 15 January 2010, you are using this version. (Before was


The defaults for File -> Export -> Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage have changed.

1. By default: Your webpage will NOT have Undo and Redo buttons. Nor does Ctrl+z work.

    Solution: To get them, during export, you must go to the Advanced tab and select the option “Save, Print” 



2. Note the other new defaults

You can NOT use right-click on an object to get the drop-down menu. In fact, you cannot get to the Object Properties window at all.

You can NOT drag labels.

You do NOT get the reset button.

You can NOT double-click on the worksheet to open the file in geogebra on your computer.

You DO see the Menu Bar (but you can close it from the menu).

You DO see the Tool Bar (but you can close it from the menu).

You do NOT see the Input Bar (but you can open it from the menu).

You do NOT get Toolbar Help

ONCE you change any of these, they will be the NEW defaults so you only have to do this once.


3. As before, seeing the Algebra and Spreadsheet View on your ggb file depends on how you saved your ggb file and NOT on Export options.


WHY?  The reason the Save, Print, Undo option is deselected by default.

The developers wanted to have “unsigned jars”.

Jars are “java archive” files.  They are embedded in GeoGebra.  However exporting to webpage means GeoGebra is not present, the html file opens the GeoGebra file by using “jars”.  It is like using GeoGebra “webstart”. This is good for school lans that won’t allow you to install GeoGebra (or anything else Java based). (The developers tell me that this is also good because then  - even if your webpages are old – they will use the latest version of GeoGebra.)

What are “unsigned jars”? You may remember the first time you looked at a GeoGebra file online. You got a “security warning” asking whether you trust content from this source. We clicked on yes and ever after all GeoGebra files loaded for us. I gather that others may have even more strict browsers and what happens is that the page will not load at all. So the developers worked hard to eliminate this problem and developed “unsigned jars”. If you load a webpage using the unsigned jars, there is no security warning. However, to get these to work they had to disallow “writing to your computer”. Clearly “Print” and “Save” write to your computer. But so does Undo/Redo – because it keeps track of your steps.

However, we and are students are usually past this stage and we our users to be able to interact on our GeoGebra webpages. Especially to be able to undo. (I had numerous people complain on a single file!)



  • Select the option Save, Print, Undo (Mike will change the name of this option to include “undo” in the next release), GeoGebra calls the “signed jars” and these options are returned.



BTW: Changing any of the other options does not affect which jars are called – only the Save, Print, Undo option.


Happy teaching with GeoGebra, Linda

Send me your tips and tricks!

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