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Quadratic Inequalities

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Quadratic Inequalities InterActivity!      Idea and Worksheet: Royati Saha

Why and How? Do you need to solve a quadratic inequality?

Problem: Find the domain of:  Formula. We know that the expression inside the root must be non-negative. This means we must find the values of x that make:  Formula.

This applet helps you understand that the answer to the problem is:  Domain: xє [-,3] or xє[1,]

GeoGebra InterActivity
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Good Questions Worksheet
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Global Quadratic Functions
Brief InterActivity-Exploring Quadratic Inequalities
Grade 10th and up
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Standard Algebra 2 18
Keywords quadratic, function, equation, roots, inequality, interval, algebra 2, dynamic, freeware, applet, offline, online
Worksheet Worksheet with Problems and Questions    Teacher (with answers)
Credits Idea and Worksheet: Royati Saha
Online Online Activity (You are here!) 
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Authors Royati Saha & LFS - contact
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