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Home > Do Mathematics -> Algebra 1 -> Quadratic Functions -> Discriminant

Discriminant InterActivity!      Nickolas Bennett

Why and How? Exploring the discriminant. What does the discriminant tell us about the roots (zeros) of a quadratic function? Which coefficients influence the sign of the discriminant? Excellent interActivity and complete worksheet.
GeoGebra InterActivity
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Good Questions Worksheet (new window)
6-page printable with Good Questions at several different levels pdf  or doc  (everything opens in new windows)
Metadata (includes links for downloads)
Global Quadratic Functions
Brief InterActivity-Exploring Discriminant of Quadratic Function
Grade 8th and up
Strand Algebra 1 AF at Math247
Standard Algebra 1 5.6 ACT EE 28-32
Keywords quadratic, function, equation, completing the square, vertex, algebra 2, dynamic, freeware, applet, offline, online
Worksheet Worksheet with Problems and Questions 
Credits Nicholas Bennett
Online Online Activity (You are here!) 
Download coming soon ...Activity 
Authors Terry Gastauer &LFS - contact
Type Freeware - Available for Offline and Online Use - Translatable (html)
Use Requires sunJava player

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Home > Do Mathematics -> Algebra 1 -> Quadratic Functions -> Discriminant

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