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Arrow Slider 2

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Home > Quick Tips -> Arrow Slider - Part 2

Goal: To create a second sliding arrow whose value is limited so difference in arrows will not go off drawing pad.

 Part 1 Part 3

Try the result!  Click and drag the top slider points. Watch the value change.     More


Sorry, the GeoGebra Applet could not be started. Please make sure that Java 1.4.2 (or later) is installed and active in your browser (Click here to install Java now)


The Construction Protocol (continues from Arrow Slider 1)

YouTube Mathcast

Printable Directions for Making an Arrow Slider - Part 2: PDF   Word

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Global Using GeoGebra - Tip
Brief Create a second arrow slider but this time whose values are limited so that the difference between the values of the sliders remains a point on the drawing pad.
Level BasicPlus - 4
Strand Measurement and Geometry, Geometry
Keywords geogebra, geometry, slider, arrow, pseudo, number line
Comments none
Download You can download everything; a zip is in progress ...
Author LFS - contact
Type Freeware - Available for Offline and Online Use - Translatable (html)
Use Requires sunJava player

Home > Quick Tips -> Arrow Slider - Part 1

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geogebra, tip, arrow, slider, number line, scale, geometry, measurement, application, how-to

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